Wed Adult Intensive Throwing (6 weeks) February (Trial Class) 19:00 – 21:00

From: £50.00

In brief…

This is a one-off, two hour long, trial class for the 6 week long Intensive Throwing course for adult learners. The course runs on Wednesday evenings from 7pm till 9pm, from Wednesday 26th February to Wednesday 1st April 2020 inclusive.

It is only possible to book the trial class in the first week of the course. The trial class can be seen as an introduction to the activities that will be covered in the course. Only one trial class is allocated per person. It is not possible to attend this course on a drop in basis.

Course description

The Intensive Throwing course is designed to develop and hone your skills on the potter’s wheel at a rapid pace. If you have ever wanted to work on the potter’s wheel or want to expand your existing throwing skills, why not book a trial class, give it a go, and see if this course is for you?

Dedicated you-time in our beautiful courtyard garden studio, to forget about the outside world and leave your worries behind. There is no time for your mind to wander, as throwing requires your focused attention. For anyone with a busy life, you will appreciate and love this mindful, restful and methodical way of working. Join our friendly, creative pottery community and meet others who share your interests and passion for ceramic art. An ideal creative outlet.

During this trial class beginner learners can expect to make a number of pieces on the potter’s wheel, learning the basic throwing techniques required to make a cylinder or bowl. The central focus of this course is to improve your throwing skills and facilitate the learning process, not to produce a large quantity of finished work. We work to an ethos supported by scientific and practical studies in the learning process to fast track you to success.

Experienced learners will be given individualised support in creating more complex and larger forms. Or you can opt to partake in our specialised exercises designed to help you learn skills fast! From the moment you come in, your skills will be on the fast track to improvement, enabling you to achieve your creative projects to a high standard.

Included in the price

The trial class price includes tuition and all materials. Shared tools, towels and aprons are provided. You will be part of a small group of maximum 7 people. This is a premium course, which guarantees you a pottery wheel at every class.

Unlike trial classes for our other Adult Pottery Studio courses, the cost of this class includes bisque firing your work as well. So you are welcome to ask us to fire your work as is. It will be dried, and fired once, ready to collect in one month.

However, please be aware that working on the potter’s wheel is a multi-step process, and in order to come away with fine finished pieces, the work will also need to be trimmed and glazed (this is not included in the price).


If you are unable to commit to the rest of the current course, but would like to come back to trim, decorate and/or glaze your work, we do have several options available for purchase to cover your needs:

TIDY BASES: £5 for up to two pieces.

We tidy the base of each pot, inscribe your name and bisque fire it for you. Ready to collect or glaze in one month (4 weeks).

TIDY BASES AND DIP GLAZE: £10 for up to two pieces.

We tidy the base, inscribe your name, bisque, dip in transparent glaze and glaze fire. Size restrictions apply. Comes out beautiful, shiny and delicious. Food safe, oven safe and water proof. Ready to collect in one month (4 weeks).

DROP IN CLASS: £35 – £40 per person for 2 hour /2.5 hour class

Attend one of our morning or evening  Adult Pottery Studio drop in classes. Available Monday or Friday mornings and Friday evenings. Includes tuition. Gives you the opportunity to tidy or trim the bases of thrown work, make additions such as handles, decorate in colourful style with slips. Or if you have already opted for the bisque firing, this class can be used to glaze your work.

WORK INDEPENDENTLY: £15 per person per hour.

Book an Independent Pottery session (experienced potters/ returning students only). This session does not include tuition and you must complete an induction at your first session. Flexible times and dates.

PRIVATE CLASS: From £45 per hour.

Want your own teacher? Book a one-to-one bespoke session at a time to suit you to take you through trimming your work on the wheel and slip decorating. This is normally a throwing session but you can specify that you would like to learn trimming and decorating in the notes field when you book the class.

INDEPENDENT GLAZING: £15 per person per hour

If you would like to come back and glaze your work yourself, book a Pottery Glaze and Fire Independent session. When a month (4 weeks) have elapsed after your trial class, your work will have been bisque fired and will be ready to glaze. Includes 10 minute glazing induction and use of wide range of coloured glazes. For anyone who doesn’t need a whole two and a half hours to glaze their work. Flexible times and dates.

IMPORTANT: If you would like to purchase one of these options, please tell your tutor before you leave our premises on the evening of your class. We accept payment by cash or card. We will not store damp work unless you have specified and purchased one of the options, or we know that you are joining us for the remainder of the course.

Course tutor

This course is taught by Akiko Matsuda.