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Kids Easter Holiday Art Workshops

By 28th February 2016Blog

Trees landscape colour yellowjpgWill your kids be bored at home this Easter?

Are they going to disappear into video, online gaming, social media or just hanging round the house with nothing to do and no inspiration?

This Easter Holidays our workshops offer creative explorations for kids from 4-18 from Tuesday 29th March – Friday 8th April. A new extended day is on offer for 8-13 year olds.

Please see the timetable for the Easter Holiday Workshops.

Inspiration from great artists

The workshops take their inspiration from great artists to engage young people with the artistic community in our vibrant city.  They will include visits for the older children 8-13 year olds to local sites that ties into the theme of the day.

Work is based some of the great artistic, cultural institutions in London: the Tate Britain, the Tate Modern The Whitechapel Gallery, The Royal Academy, Leighton House and The British Library.   For younger children there will be more detailed interaction with the works of the famous artists in the guided setting of Kite Studios. monet

The themes of the workshops on offer include:

The German artist and photographer Karl Blossfeldt who took fantastic close-up photographs of plants. We are going to use these as inspiration exploring and making our own land of leaves with the etching press.

Turner’s landscapes, which we all love. Your children are going to learn some of his painting techniques and make their own imaginary landscapes by painting on boards.


‘Think of an eel’ by Karen Wallace is a children’s classic in which she really captures the movement of an Eel. We will be     helping the children to get movement into their clay models and make some fantastic fish.

Ernst Haeckel a German naturalist and artist whose “Art Forms of Nature” included wonderfully detailed, multi-colour illustrations of animals and sea creatures.  Using these to create vivid silk screens prints with detail worked in.

The story and illustrations of “Alice in Wonderland.” Explore how Alice and the archetypal characters capture our imaginations. Design and make puppets to inhabit your unique wonderland. Alice_par_John_Tenniel_30

Galactic prints after Star Wars made with the etching press.

Alexander Calder, an American sculptor  whose playful moving circus sculptures brought movement to static objects with his famous moving wire circus sculptures. Using these as springboard we will make our own moving circus sculpture.

Islamic tiles at Leighton House.   Celebrate the joy of Spring in modelling, drawing and painting using these striking designs.

From Monet to Matisse and their glorious gardens.   Develop your design in collage and end up with a beautiful watercolour of your fantastical garden.

Each workshop is different just like your child

We teach a myriad of different artistic techniques from printmaking to clay modelling so your kids will never get bored. Each one of the workshops is carefully planned to incorporate a new art skill and a different artist and genre guiding but not prescribing them . Using equipment such as the etching press, Silk Screen, painting with acrylics on boards, Watercolour, collage . Some workshops combine a variety of techniques together so the children can choose the media that best expresses their artistic vision.

At Kite Studios we appreciate that every child is unique and are proud that every child comes away with their own unique artwork.   This comes from encouraging them to be different and make their own choices . We provide an error free learning environment. There are no such thing as mistakes in art.   So if your child lacks confidence, is tired of being told what to do, then Kite Studios is the right place for them.