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May Half Term Workshop Details

Crocodile etching pressMay half term is rapidly approaching! Book your places in advance, our workshop places get snapped up quickly!

Details about the different workshops for our West London studio are below. See May Half Term under Timetables for dates and times.

The Power of Palaces – Ever dreamt of being the architect of your own palace? Help your child’s imagination soar with this exploration of some of the fantastic Palladian Architecture we have in London at Kenwood House Hampstead and more locally at Chiswick House. In the studio we will be designing and building paper 3D structures. This is followed by drawing from observation, simplifying ideas into silk screen prints.

Bug Worlds – Crazy about Hex bugs? Love butterflies? Using Maria Marian’s beautiful butterfly botanical prints at the Queen’s Gallery as inspiration, learn about drawing with scissors. Also learn about collaging techniques used by Matisse, by painting coloured papers and then arranging into insect collages to be used as the basis of their 3D models in clay.

Brothers Grimm – Heroes and Villains. From the big bad wolf to Rumplestiltskin and, of course, wicked witches and wizards. Everyone loves a good villain. Sharing stories about favourite villains . Bringing villains to life by making own puppet on a stick. Make your own villain puppet on a stick to take home and frighten all your friends. Then using observational drawing techniques to make a drawing of your puppet.

Mythical Beasts inspired by Greek Myths – Love the minotaur? This workshop focuses on printmaking. Looking at original beast prman on horse etching pressints by a Chilean artist make your own collage of your very own beast. Use different textures of a coleographed plate to bring your beast to life. Then Roll roll the etching press.

Man on the moon – We use photos from the NASA moon landing mission to explore the textures of the moon. The children make a diorama of a 3D scene to inspire the creation of the clay model, which is followed by a watercolour painting.