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Stick Men…by Auriol Herford

During these uncertain times, especially on the days when I find myself in survival mode, a walk really does help keep the endorphins flowing and negative emotions at bay. Movement is magic! Being in a household with my eldest son who has complex needs, from learning to health difficulties, to a five year old who can get quite stroppy and a three year old who just needs to play – a walk a day has been an invaluable activity that can join us all up and allow everyone to let off steam. However, with the same pavements, the same park, the same participants, it can become challenging to keep the momentum and get everyone on board every day. I have found my creative resources become essential to keep the rhythm going and ideas fresh. In order to keep these walks spontaneous and interesting we have found that giving them a creative purpose can be both fun and provides a structure for the day. For example, a recent highlight was setting off with a mission to find interesting sticks and twigs with a view to using them for our own creations in the afternoon. This then launched our little group for a more purposeful walk where frustrations could be channelled and joy unfold.

I wanted to share this experience in case it works for others. This is also an open invitation for you, or your children to share any ideas with us that have helped you through this lockdown. If we stay creative, we can stay positive.

Stick Men workshop – Saturday 30th, 3.30pm

Stick Men