We are a team of artists and educators who love to share and teach art. Since 2002, when founded by Auriol Herford, Kite Studios has been offering quality education in a wide range of art disciplines – for everyone in the community.

From preschool age children, to children with additional needs; experienced student or curious adult beginner. Irrespective of age, experience or income –everyone is welcome!

We’re so passionate about making art classes accessible for all, we’ve evolved over time into a Community Interest Company (CIC) and have set up the Kite Studios Sponsorship Fund to provide spaces on art courses for children and adults from families that have need support to attend art classes.

Our weekly classes cover disciplines such as print making (with an etching press), silkscreens, sewing and textile art, as well as the more traditional disciplines of drawing, pottery and craft-making.

We also work extensively with local schools. Our large outdoor murals are the most visible aspect of our school projects.

But that’s not all. There are many other ways to enjoy a taste of Kite Studios fun…

Thinking of trying your hand at a new discipline? Read about our ‘pop-up’ evening sessions.

Looking for a unique experience for your ‘company away day’? Let us host a bespoke art workshop for you. Need to organise your child’s party? We’ll tailor the theme and activities to your child’s interest – so you’re hassle-free while the kids have fun.

Explore our website or contact us to find out more. Whether you are an experienced artist, or pre-schooler’s mum, we’d love to hear from you.