This activities taking place in the Children’s Pottery Studio are intended for learners five years and older.

Times and Duration

The Children’s Pottery Studio is broken up into many different classes each taught at their own time, by different teachers and for their own duration. For a list of the classes that fall under the Children’s Pottery Studio umbrella, please see the details below.

What We Do

The Children’s Pottery Studio is a collective term used to describe all of the children-intended pottery classes that take place at Kite Studios and elsewhere over term time as well as during the holidays. The Studio includes weekly pottery classes taught at Kite Studios like Create in Clay and Create in Clay with Wheel, holiday workshops like the ever-popular Summer Clay Camp, classes delivered in school environments as an addition to the national art curriculum, as well as bespoke or 1-on-1 classes that see the student receiving the full focus and undivided attention of one of our esteemed tutors over the space of an entire lesson. The idea behind having as diverse of a structure as possible in terms of classes and lesson delivery is to cater to the many different types of children and their creative interests, while also having each class explore a differing area of clay work and at varying difficulty levels. The names and details of some of the various classes are contained below:

  • Create in Clay
  • Create in Clay with Wheel
  • Summer Clay Camp
  • Bespoke (1-on-1) Classes
  • Classes Delivered at Schools

Who Teaches the Class

The classes within the Children’s Pottery Studio are taught by various teachers.