This class is for learners between the ages of 4 and 6.

Times and Duration

The class is taught every Wednesday during term time, for a duration of 10 to 12 weeks. The schedule can be found on the Summer/Autumn calendar which features information on pricing. Feel free to sign-up for a drop-in class which can be seen as an intro to the activities that will be covered in the class over the term.

What We Do

Children take a creative approach to the world much earlier than that of an informed approach to it and, by their nature, are curious about art and music. A Fusion of Art and Music is a popular class that is taught at Kite Studios because the class provides an exciting and interesting way for children to understand music theory which can often be frustrating to them. We have come up with interesting and fun ways of teaching the theory in a way that it becomes engaging for children and gives them platform to understand music and art as concepts. The drive behind the class is to nurture the creative energy that children have and use it as a means of developing them as they grow to enjoy being creative. Finally, music and art are huge parts of the world that we live in and we feel as though this class gives children a solid platform for growth in both areas.

Who Teaches the Class

The class is taught by Paige Ellis and Jenna Naylor-Tymon.