Ask a Potter


An online consultation for home studio potters

If you are lucky enough to be locked down with access to your own pottery studio, you may also find that you have some questions or ceramic puzzles you need to solve before your creativity can flow freely. This is a one hour long, one to one consultation with one of our most experienced pottery teachers.

We can answer questions on

  • Firing cycles, pyrometric cones, programming and looking after your electric kiln*
  • Where to source clay and making an informed decision on which is right for your project
  • Where to source glazes and deciphering the technical lingo so you get the right ones for you
  • Overcoming faults such as warping and cracking
  • What you need to set up a safe, comfortable and effective creative workspace
  • Recycling clay and working with plaster of paris
  • Health and safety in your home studio
  • Ceramic transfers, lusters and onglazes
  • Slipcasting, decorating slips, engobes and underglazes
  • Making your own slips, glazes and/or overcoming glaze faults
  • How was that piece of work made that I am really inspired by?
  • Or anything else pottery related that you can think of!

This is an *online* workshop using Google Hangouts. You only need to make one booking per household 🙂 . If you have friends with their own studios you would like to invite to join your class, you can invite up to three other households at no extra charge.

In order to get the most out of your session, we recommend that you make a list of questions and enter it into the “notes” field, which will appear once you are at the checkout. Once you have purchased the session, we will email you the link to join your teacher on Google Hangouts.

We can’t guarantee that we will be able to answer ALL of your questions or give you solutions in their entirety during the session – a lot of ceramic work requires a testing process, as there are many variable factors that may also be unique to you.  This is part of the satisfaction and sense of achievement that comes from having your own pottery practice at home! But we can definitely discuss methodology and find you the resources to help you on your ceramic journey of discovery. *remember you will not be speaking to a kiln engineer. All electrical work and kiln maintenance must be carried out by a certified professional on site.

Benefit from the knowledge and experience of our pottery staff, gained during 18 years of professional ceramic practice, technical work in various studios and teaching institutions, working with other artists across the globe and teaching many many projects, courses and classes in handbuilding, throwing and glazing.

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