Clay at Home – Many Fabulous Projects


Choose from:

  • Pinch pots class
  • Slab building class
  • Coiling class

And make Monsters or Teapots or your very own idea!

SUPER IMPORTANT: When you get to the checkout, put “Pinch Pots” or “Slab building” or “Coiling” and your project name eg: “piggy bank”. Otherwise we default to Pinch Pots and Monsters!

For all the projects below you will need clay, which you can purchase from us by click and collect, or you can choose to use air drying clay or any clay you purchase in yourself. You will also need to have a bowl of water near by.

All ages and abilities welcome!

Pinch pots class:

Pinch pots are the simplest of hand building techniques. It consists of a ball of clay pressed between thumb and fingers to create a little bowl. From there, the technique can be used in an incredible variety of projects! Make animals, teacups, a self portrait!

You will need:

Fork, knife, spoon, chop stick, kitchen towel

Slab building class:

Slab building is an easy technique, which is very useful for projects with straight and neat lines.  Make teapots, vases, tiles, boxes or buildings. It is also really fun to explore textures and patterns.

You will need:

Fork, knife, spoon, chopstick, kitchen towel, rolling pin, wooden guides (any pair of sticks of the same thickness).

For patterns: lace, textured towels, leaves or plant parts, ay textured item that can function as a stamp.

Coiling class:

Coiling is a slow paced technique based on rolling coils (sausages) of clay and layering them up to build larger items and intricate shapes. Great for making wacky vases, teapots, jugs, a REALLY BIG BOWL for your breakfast.

You will need:

Fork, spoon, knife, chopstick, chopping board, kitchen towel.

This is a live, online class

This is a one hour long *online* workshop – on Zoom. We will email you a link ahead of your class.

You only need to make one booking per household 🙂 . You are also welcome to share the link with up to two other households, who will then be able to join in with your session, at no extra cost.

Don’t worry if you don’t have everything exactly as on this list. Let us know, and we can always adapt the workshop to work with what you have available. You can also do this project using air drying clay which is widely available from many art and craft suppliers (though if you want to have a functioning teapot, we recommend you purchase one of our clay and firing packages).

Any questions? Email us.

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