Evening Workshop: Imagining 2035


Imagining 2035 

An evening workshop Friday 19th November 6-7.30pm exploring the possibilities of our collective imagination. 

What if every house had a garden growing on its roof?

What if all our packaging was edible? 

What if cars ran on coffee grounds and compost? 

What if our high street was fully pedestrianised? 

What if wildlife corridors were built instead of motorways and airports? 

However big or small the changes you wish to see are, come and share them in our group visualisation workshop. 

We hope this evening will help to fuel can-do spirits, show how creativity and the imagination are crucial to building sustainable futures and forge connections with others in the local community. 

Everyone (14+) is welcome. Please register your interest by reserving a ticket. We will be taking donations on the door. 

Recommended donation is £7.50 to cover the cost of the event.

When: Friday 19th November 6-7.30pm

Where: Kite Studios, 2B Bassein Park Road, W12 9RY

Who: Adults or accompanied 14+


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