Independent Pottery Induction

From: £15.00

In brief

This is a 30 minute session designed to introduce you to the Pottery Studio at Kite Studios in Shepherd’s Bush, West London. The Independent Pottery Induction is suitable for adults who are experienced in pottery or ceramics and would like to access and use our studio facilities and firing service to make their own work on an independent basis.

What we do

A staff member from our Pottery Team will be your guide to our studio procedures and processes. We will cover health and safety, use of equipment, where to find the tools you need, where to put your work for drying and firing etc. You will be allocated a space to put your work in progress and to store your clay. This induction is essential for anyone wishing to book Independent Pottery Sessions.

Experienced potters only

If you are unfamiliar with all the processes that are required to make and glaze your work please attend one of the term-long courses we offer in our Adult Pottery Studio or at least three one-to-one bespoke classes such as the Throw a Pot and Bisque Fire before choosing this option.

Christmas Holidays

Our term time courses will be ending on Saturday 14th December. The studio will be operating on a reduced holiday schedule from 15th to 21st December. We are closed between 22nd December 2019 and 5th January 2020. If you would like to book your induction during the holiday period at a time that is not currently available online, please get in touch, as sometimes special arrangements can be made.