Pottery Glaze & Fire Independent Session

From: £18.00

In brief

This is a one hour time slot in our pottery studio to glaze your work. Suitable for adults as well as accompanied children. No experience necessary. This is an independent session, so children must be accompanied by an adult for the entire duration.

When to book

All the work you made at a class at Kite Studios will be ready for you to glaze four weeks after you made it.

During quiet times your work may be ready sooner than that, usually two weeks after you made it, but during busy times, such as holidays and coming up to the end of each term, there are more demands on our kilns. For term and holiday dates please see the Term Time & Holidays link above.

If you would like to book the glazing session sooner than four weeks after the class in which you made your work, please contact us to check that your work has been fired. Please provide your ID number or the date of the class at which you made the work/ the name of the person who made the original booking.

Please book your glazing session no later than 2 months after the original class in which you made the work. We have very limited storage space and cannot store your work longer than that. Work left beyond this time period will be donated to our charitable causes.

Please note that due to the administrative load of this task, we are unable to contact you when your work is ready for glazing or if it is about to be donated away.

Included in the price

This Pottery Glaze and Fire Independent session includes a 10 minute introduction to glazing. We get you set up with a rainbow of colours of brush on glazes and all the brushes, tools and equipment you’ll need. A member of staff will be on hand to facilitate, but this is not a formal class.

This independent session includes the cost of each person having two pots/ pieces fired, up to a size of about 12cm x 12cm x 12cm per piece. Larger work may incur an extra fee, which can be paid at the end of your session.

This is applied to the whole pool of pots for your group, so if you have booked for two people together, and one person glazes one piece, while the other 3 pieces, this is also included in the price.


When booking please provide your ID number in the notes section of your booking form. This will enable us to have your work out and ready for you when you arrive. If you attended a bespoke class (1-to-1 class)  such as the Throw a Pot & Bisque Fire class, you would have been given the ID number at your class.

If you have lost your ID number, or weren’t provided with one, please give the date and time of the class at which you made your work and the full name of the person who booked that class (not the people who attended).

During the session: IMPORTANT

Please also be careful to follow the instructions and thoroughly wipe any glaze off the bases of your pots. Glaze turns to glass in the kiln and pots with glaze left on the base, or within about 3mm to the base – as the glass can melt downwards – will fuse to the kiln shelf. This will irrepairably damage your work. By partaking in this independent glazing session you absolve us of all responsibility for this damage, should it occur.


These can be purchased on the day by either cash or card.

More than 2 pots/ pieces at £5 per two pots

If you have more than two pots you would like to glaze and have glaze fired, you can purchase glaze firing for these at £5 per two. One pot extra also costs £5. Can be pooled with other members your group.

£18 per hour per person: extra time

You can purchase an extra hour glazing time provided that there are no other classes booked in after your time elapses. This can be paid by cash or card at the time at reception or to one of our pottery team staff members.

The big day: collections

Your work will be ready to collect four weeks after your Pottery Glaze and Fire Independent session. When you come in to collect it please bring your ID number (which you can ask for at your glazing session). This will be the same ID number as you got during the class when you made your work. You are welcome to call ahead with your ID number so that we can have your work ready for you when you arrive. Our collection times are listed here.

Please check the work carefully before you leave to make sure all pieces you glazed are accounted for.

Please bring a box or bag for your work with you, particularly if you are collecting for a large group. We have a supply of small paper bags, some newspaper and bubble wrap you are welcome to use.

Important: As our storage space is very limited, we are only able to store your work for a maximum of 3 months after your glazing session. After this time has elapsed we will donate the work to our charitable causes. Unfortunately, due to the administrative load of this task, we are unable to contact you to let you know when this time period has elapsed. Please keep in touch!

Can you fire it quicker?

During quiet periods your work may be ready to collect within two weeks of your glazing session. However, coming up to end of each term or before Christmas, when it is very very busy, there is a high demand on our kilns, so we can’t do it faster.

And please don’t ask. If your work skips the queue, somebody else’s will need to be delayed. You are welcome to contact us at any time to check if your work is ready.

Collection times

The link above will take you to our collection times page. Our collection times change according to whether it is term time or not. Find our term and holiday dates by using the Term Time & Holidays menu above.

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