Adult Pottery Studio 19:30 – 22:00


Come along to a trial class for the Thursday evening Adult Pottery Studio course. We offer self-contained course trial classes in the first two weeks of every term, open to everyone.

Whether you are a curious beginner, or looking for professional development to supplement your existing skill set, or an experienced artist looking to find a new environment and friendly community in which to pursue your creativity and passion, you will be received with a warm welcome. Time to decide afterwards, if you would like to join us for the term.

Joining this trial class will give you the opportunity to check out our beautiful facilities, our excellently equipped studios, meet the professional teachers and sample the friendly, open, professional creative environment Kite Studios provide.

Each trial class is designed to introduce you to the course curriculum, sample a short pottery wheel session (learn to throw a cylinder or bowl) as well as a short hand building project (learn to make pinch pots – they’re humble, but so much more satisfying and open to possibilities than you may imagine, a slab-built cup, tile, tray or a small sculpture).

Each of these projects is designed to give you a taste of what to expect during the course and is self contained, so that you can finish it during the one class, choose to have it fired, and have something to take away or glaze later. Clay work does need some time to dry and be fired though, so it is a few weeks later that it will be ready to collect.

The fee for this trial class covers tuition and all materials. We encourage everyone to practice, experiment, learn and enjoy! Shared tools, aprons and towels are provided.

** Please note that there is an additional charge for firing, giving you the freedom to practice and experiment before you decide which pieces you would like to keep, whilst also doing our bit for the environment! The charge is £1 per 100g of weight of your finished work. This price includes both the bisque and the glaze firings. Our firing fees are not for profit. The work is weighed before the first firing. Firing fees can be paid at your class by cash or card. **