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Day Date Theme Description
week one 17th – 21st July
Mon 17th July Leaping With The Lion King Clay modelling setting, scene for the camera. Book Now
Tue 18th July Magnificent Castles 3D Construction After The Movies. Book Now
Wed 19th July Imaginary Plants From Jack and the Beanstalk to Rennie Mackintosh, collage to construction. Book Now
Thur 20th July Go Dotty with Yayoi Kusama Crazy clothes and head gear. Book Now
Fri 21st July Beach Scenes Construction to painting. Book Now
week two 24th – 28th July
Mon 24th July Marching Elephants of India Head pieces, to relief print making. Book Now
Tue 25th July Guardians of The Galaxy Mixed media, setting a scene for film. Book Now
Wed 26th July A Mission with Fruit Painting on canvas after Gaugin. Book Now
Thur 27th July Dream House Construction to Printmaking with Etching Press. Book Now
Fri 28th July Adventures With Thor Superhero Puppets To The Norse Gods. Book Now
week three 31st July – 4th August
Mon 31st July Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Drawing to Sculpture. Book Now
Tue 1st August Designs for a Skateboard Stencil Painting with Stickers. Book Now
Wed 2nd August Black and White Worlds Collage to Relief Printmaking. Book Now
Thur 3rd August Metamechanic Dream Machines After Jean Tinguely Drawing and construction. Book Now
Fri 4th August Still Lives After David Hockney. Book Now
week four 7th – 11th August
Mon 7th August After Treasure Clay Mixed Media Inspired, From The Wreck of Damien Hirst. Book Now
Tue 8th August Potty about Pots Pinch Pots and Glazing With Glitter. Book Now
Wed 9th August Lovely Lanterns & Beautiful Bunting Designing and making. Book Now
Thur 10th August Wonderful Waves After Hokusai Printmaking. Book Now
Fri 11th August Clay Beasts Clay and Mixed Media. Book Now
week five 14th – 18th August
Mon 14th August Beautiful Butterflies From Damien Hirst to Botanical Artists. Book Now
Tue 15th August Moody Blues Layers in Painting on Boards. Book Now
Wed 16th August African Masks Clay Modeling. Book Now
Thur 17th August Up Cycling, Day One Tie Dying T-shirts. Book Now
Fri 18th August Clothes as Canvas, Day Two Don’t Worry if You Cant Make it to The First Day. Book Now
week six 29th August – 1st September
Tue 29th August Adventures in Wonderland Printmaking in Black and Red. Book Now
Wed 30th August Exotic Animals After William Kentridge collage to painting with stencils. Book Now
Thur 31st August Fantastic Foxes Construction to Drawing. Book Now
Fri 1st September Sculpture villages Clay and mixed media, Den builders. Book Now