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Replace the Oven with a Kiln

Who is going to win the Great Pottery Throw Down?

We have been following the BBC pottery show with lots of interest. It’s already proving a worthy replacement for the Great British Bake Off.  Combining the two would be fun though, baking a tasty cake and serving it from plates and bowls made on a pottery wheel.

Kite Studios Pottery Throw Down Experience 

There has been lots of excitement around clay, pottery and ceramics over the past few weeks. We’ve had growing interest in our pottery classes this year. After starting the classes almost 4 years ago, it’s been great to see the pottery studio growing. The warm glow of the kiln during the winter days is a sight to see.

We’re offering a great Christmas gift. If you’re looking for that unique and interesting gift that will really inspire during Christmas, then our pottery experience voucher could fit well.

Pottery Gift Voucher worth £50

The voucher is for a one to one class (1 hour) with our ceramics teacher. Booking in advance recommended. Gift voucher valid from 11 January 2016 to 26 March 2016.

Please contact us below to purchase the pottery gift voucher. or call us on +44 20 8576 6278.