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Create in Clay

Have you visited our Pottery studio yet?

We are now running an after school class which is all about getting creative and messy with clay.

The class covers pinch pots and modelling to throwing on a wheel. Kids pottery classes are a fun and engaging way to show them what is possible with clay. The classes are complementary to our arts and crafts  for kids programme.

Our class is open to children from five years old and because we are so keen on family learning, we are very happy for the adults to come along and join in the fun.

During this course we focus on:

  • Introducing the procedures and processes unique to pottery
  • Developing skills in hand building techniques such as pinch method, coil method and using slip and scoring to join surfaces
  • Throwing on a wheel
  • Developing observation skills through 3D modeling
  • Instilling good studio practices for forming, drying, decorating and preparing clay
Please see our timetable and prices for details or contact us to find out more or book a place.