Therapeutic and Learning practices

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine

Sarah Matheson

Sarah Matheson

Sarah Matheson is an Acupuncturist with over 27 years clinical experience and a respected practitioner and teacher of Five Element Acupuncture. Patients come to see Sarah for a variety of reasons as she treats from a holistic perspective. They seek Sarah for her skills at treating them in a preventative way, helping them to maintain their health while living their lives more balanced and to its full potential; while others are seeking her help for conditions that conventional medicine has been unable to help with.  Sarah practises from her two clinics at Kite Studios and Hove East Sussex.

Contact: email / mobile 07808633643

Truus Jansen

Truus Jansen

Truus Jansen is the new Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture practitioner at Kite Studios working on Thursdays. Evidence Based research makes more people turn to this wonderful healing art form for all kinds of health issues.

Working with people from all walks of life teaches me daily that we all need a multitude of care and health choices that personally work for us. My acupuncture practice in combination with Tui Na and Auricular (ear) acupuncture and other holistic therapies such as Reiki will only enhance the benefits of coming for a treatment.

Contact: email / 07840 550 363


Body and talk therapies

Kite Practice

We are a practice of experienced therapists, offering Counselling, Psychotherapy and Bodytalk Healing Therapy. Our Psychotherapists work with adults, young adults, couples and individuals on a full range of issues. We offer both short term and longer term work with clients and are happy to speak about your particular needs before meeting for an initial consultation. Please consult our individual websites for more information and contact details. With warm wishes, the Kite Practice.

Nikki Kemp

Nikki Kemp – Psychotherapist

Annabel Rosenhead

Annabel Rosenhead – Counselling & Psychotherapy

George Bird

George Bird


I am a trained counsellor and member of BACP. I offer private sessions dealing with a number of issues. You can see my profile here.

Yannoula Webb - BodyTalk

Yannoula Webb – BodyTalk

BodyTalk is an integrative health care modality that aims to create total balance in your body, mind and spirit.  It takes into account all factors that might be affecting you, from symptoms, conditions and diseases to the conditions of your childhood, adolescence and adulthood that inform the person that you are today. You might like to try BodyTalk to help support you with health challenges, or perhaps you feel stuck or hopeless or indeed you want to celebrate and see where your life’s adventure might lead you next? Whatever the need, BodyTalks ability to connect the pieces of the puzzle to enduring health and vitality is truly amazing and often life changing.

Learning Practices

itouchtypeitouchtype – In this digital age Touch Typing is an essential life-long skill which is best learnt before bad habits set in. The use of computers assists the work of all students by increasing output and particularly those with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, ADHD, dyspraxia or hyper mobility where writing by hand can compromise creativity. To find out more contact Suzanne Cagnoli: email or call 07767 615222.

West London Speech and Language TherapyWest London Speech and Language Therapy is an independent speech and language therapy company that provides speech and language therapy services to children and young people. We work in a variety of settings; our clinic at Kite Studios, nurseries, primary and secondary schools and also at a local college.

Our aim is to maximise speech, language and communication skills through working in close partnership with the individual themselves but also through providing support, information and training to the key people who are important in that individual’s life.
Contact: email  / 07815 305 107 / 07708 102 289