Art Studio for SEN

The Art Studio for SEN is a carefully designed course, catering to learners with special educational needs, between the ages of 8 and 16.  It provides them with a means of engaging with one another and developing their creativity skills irrespective of their ability.

Times and Duration

The Art Studio for SEN is a course is taught every Thursday afternoon during term time, for a duration of 10 to 12 weeks, depending on the length of the school term. There is a break at half term. The schedule and pricing can be found on our term timetable . Each class is 1 hour long.

What we do

This course is suitable for children on the autism spectrum as well as those with global development delay.

Each class will see students working with various tools, textures, media and techniques in the creation of their own artistic works. The Art Studio for SEN course is a wonderfully supportive environment for students to learn in. Parents, carers and SEN-siblings are encouraged to participate with students who require 1-on-1 support.

In addition, we are fortunate to have volunteers from local schools to assist, meaning that it is not obligatory for parents to remain for the duration of the class. The hope with our Art Studio for SEN course is that the students are able to create in a relaxed environment that thrives on providing a creative outlet.

Joining after the term has commenced

You can join this course at any point in the term, provided that there is availability. If you are joining us once the term has already commenced, please get in touch, as the course price will be reduced to reflect the number of classes remaining in the current term. The course prices on this site are for the entire length of each term.

Try one class

We offer one-off trial classes in this course, which give you the opportunity to come along and try one class before you decide if you would like to commit to the entire course. You can book a trial class at any point in the term. There is only one trial class allocated per child/ young person per term. It is not possible to attend this course on a drop in basis.

Who teaches the course

This course is taught by Antonia Bell and Caroline Costley.

Brush-In at Kite

Times and Duration

Each session is two hours long (including a short break) and runs every second Saturday evening from 6pm till 8pm. Brush-In at Kite is booked on a class by class basis. It is not a course, so you may attend the sessions as suits your schedule. In the Spring Term 2020, the first class falls on the 18th of January, and the final class is on the 28th of March 2020.

What we do

Brush-In is a brand new fortnightly art club for older teenagers/ young adults with additional needs.

Kite Studios are passionate about developing a creatively enriching environment for a diverse range of participants. Our commitment to inclusivity has led to the development of a number of successful SEN classes for children and young people. Wanting to build upon this success, we’ve developed our Brush-In classes in response to what we saw as a gap in the opportunities afforded to older teenagers and young adults with additional needs – especially those who want to pursue visual arts in a meaningful way.

These sessions will explore multiple artistic disciplines, such as painting, printmaking and clay sculpture. Each term we will explore a theme and many diverse responses that it can provoke – providing a tangible structure that empowers our participants to hone their creative instincts and develop collaborative workig skills. These sessions also aim to offer an invaluable social experience, facilitated by providing a short on-site break half way through each session, in order to have a break and share more casual conversation.

Who teaches the class

Each session is led by Kite Studios art teachers, with the assistance of young volunteer artist participants. The volunteers help to enrich each session by modelling social behaviours/ communication skills, demonstrating good studio practice and providing support at particular potential points of stress, such as in the transitions between activities.


If you would like to apply to become a volunteer (and are over sixteen years of age) then please contact us at for more information.