Holiday Workshops at Kite Studios

Running morning and afternoon during School holidays, we offer Art and Clay workshops for children aged 4 to 16 years.

Classes at Kite Studios focus on teaching our students the skill of creating treasure from materials we tend to discard. By introducing students to a variety of techniques ranging from etching to sculptural construction to drawing from life we teach students to see the treasure in everything around them.

Art Classes at Kite Studios begin with introducing the work of a famous artist whose work inspires the project we undertake. We use this as a starting point for the class’ project. Our key aim is for students to feel empowered by their ability to experiment freely with materials, solve problems and reflect on the work they make.

Clay classes introduce students to throwing on the wheel. Students then do a handbuilding project in which they create their own scultpures around a project set by the teacher. Techniques such as score and slip, coil pot and pinch pot making are introduced.