Bisque firing for up to 2 pieces


In brief

One firing for up to 2 pieces of pottery weighing up to 500g.

Suitable for you?

If you have purchased our clay and firing package, that includes firing for two pieces. However, there is enough clay there to make more.

What is bisque firing?

Your work is carefully put in an electric kiln and fired to 1100ºC. Hot Hot Hot! The fire does its magic and changes your clay into ceramic. That means it will no longer crumble away, create dust in your home or distort if splashed with water. You can now paint it (poster paints or oil paints or accrylics work great) or glaze it.

How do I get it to you?

For local Hammersmith and Fulham community only just now. Drop it off at our door while taking your daily exercise. Or on your way to the grocery shopping. Please follow covid-19 government directives. Find out when we are open to receive your creations here. Carry your work carefully in a box. Please be sure to also leave a filled in copy of the pottery chart that was included with your clay and firing package. And don’t wait till it is fully dry. Bone dry work is more fragile than leather hard work. We will dry it before firing.

When do I collect it?

We always endevour to have your work ready within four weeks from being dropped off for firing. Because it is quiet now, and warming up (work dries faster) we may be able to have it ready for you sooner. Email us on and quote your ID number. We will be able to check for you. Collection times on this page. Please be sure to include your order number as well, you will get one in your email confirmation when you purchase this product.

How do I get an ID number?

Ask for it during your online class. If you made your work but didn’t join an online class, ask for your ID number when you drop off your work for firing.

I’ve made tiny pieces.

If you have lots of tiny pieces, make a clay pinch pot or roll out a little tray for them out of your clay and put them in that. They won’t stick together in the bisque firing, so they can all be inside a bowl or lined up on a tray. If the whole thing remains at or under 500g, and we can put it in the kiln without handling all the individual little pieces, it will count as one piece.

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