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Kite Studios was buzzing with creative energy for our lino printing pop up workshop.

Auriol began by explaining the history of this artistic process before showing us some examples and then encouraged us to experiment with tools and mark making.

Lino cut is a type of relief print.

We first carved an image into a piece of linoleum – yes, exactly like the stuff that you find covering floors! Artists in Austria and Germany first started using this material for art at the turn of the 20th Century because it is easier to carve than wood and can be carved in any direction because it doesn’t have a grain.

Ink is then rolled onto the carved image before being printed onto paper or fabric. In our case, using an etching press to apply pressure to transfer the ink.

Some of us used flowers and animals as prompts….some of us used our imaginations.

It was quite challenging to use the different tools and work out what to cut away and what to leave.

But we had lots of fun experimenting and enjoying the striking results.

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