This class is for students 7 years old and over.

Times and Duration

The class is taught every Saturday during term time, for a duration of 10 to 12 weeks. The schedule can be found on the Summer/Autumn calendar which features information on pricing. Feel free to sign-up for a drop-in class which can be seen as an intro to the activities that will be covered in the class over the term.

What We Do

The Stitch and Print class is an introduction to sewing class that takes the students slowly through the process of learning to hand stitch with a needle and thread. Once students are comfortable hand stitching we quickly move onto using the electric sewing machines located at our studios. At Kite Studios we are firm in the belief that sewing is a skill for life and a skill that has, in recent times, been largely forgotten about. This is especially the case with the younger generation which is why we run the Stitch and Print class. The class will see us engage with many different textures and patterns as we use our printmaking facilities to generate endless possibilities of creative results. The class presents itself as an engaging way for students to learn a tangible skill that can be used for the rest of their lives, be it as a hobby or as part of their profession.

Who Teaches the Class

The class is taught by Nuraann Petersen.