We offer Young Art Studio courses for learners between the ages of 6 and 14.

Times and Duration

These courses are taught on Mondays and Saturdays during term time, for a duration of 10 to 13 weeks, depending on the length of the school term. There is a one week break at half term. The schedule can be found on our term timetable (please see Term Time & Holidays link above) which features information on pricing as well as the age group each course is suited for. Classes vary from 1h 15mins to 2 hours in length depending on course.

Try one class

We offer the opportunity for each learner to attend a one-off trial class in any of the Young Art Studio courses, to see if they enjoy the class and help decide whether they would like to join us for the rest of the term. The trial class can be seen as an introduction to the activities that will be covered in the course over the term. Your can book a trial class to at any point in the term (except at the final week, when we have our show and share event). Only one trial class is allocated for each learner per course. To book a trial class please email

What we do

The Young Art Studio course explores a different theme each term, utilising a wide range of  materials. We teach and encourage the development of the artistic process; including research, experimentation, skills and ideation. The central focus is on the core drawing and observational skills of students, which we believe are hugely important to the development of their visual language.

The Young Art Studio course employs a high tutor to student ratio, to ensure that each student and their specific needs are catered for. In addition to drawing, students are exposed to and able to use our pottery facilities, explore printmaking and use the etching machine. The course aims are to expose children and young people to the widest range possible of the materials and equipment available, to facilitate the creative process and fire up their imaginations.

At the end of each term, students will go home with a workbook documenting the research that they have done, their experimentation, the skills they’ve developed and ideas they’ve conceptualised, as well as a final project consisting of a large-scale print or sculpture.

Portfolio Projects (GCSE & A-Levels)

Portfolio Development is a Young Art Studio course for learners aged 11 to 14 years. It is specifically aimed at students wishing to develop a diverse art portfolio towards their Holland Park Exams, applications for art scholarships or GCSEs. Learners in this course will work across a diverse range of art media, with drawing at the core.

Who Teaches the Course

The Young Art Studio courses are taught by Naila Zulfugarova and Natalie Joseph.