Ages: 6 to 9 years

Key techniques: Drawing, Clay, Printmaking

Each term we explore a different theme (e.g. ‘Bicycles from Leonardo’ or ‘Forests inspired by fairy tales’) and use a range of materials and approaches. The focus is on developing drawing skills.

Children thrive in our studio environment where we teach them how to draw from observation and drawing from their imagination. We introduce new techniques, approaches and materials.

The children use our pottery facilities (with kiln) as well as printmaking (with an etching press). Many previous pupils are now art graduates thriving in creative industries.

Children come home with a workbook showing their research, experimentation, skills and ideas as well as a finished piece, such as a large-scale print or sculpture.

We work with a high ratio of tutors to children (1:6) and we address the needs of each individual, including those with additional learning needs.

During this course we focus on:

  • Providing traditional drawing tuition, which we believe is core to developing a visual language
  • Introducing children to printmaking, sculpture, pottery
  • Enabling the national curriculum to be delivered more effectively through a cross curricular approach
  • Complementing school art education