The Create in Clay with the Pottery Wheel courses are for children aged from 4 to 14 years. There are Create in Clay courses running on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays aimed at specific age groups within that range.

Times and Duration

Create in Clay courses are taught during term time. Due to the current circumstances, we are offering Autumn Term 2020 courses in two 6 week long blocks. Block 1 is 14th September to 25th October 2020 and Block 2 is 2nd November to 13th December 2020. Classes vary in length from one to two hours, with the shorter classes aimed at our youngest potters, while the 2 hour classes are aimed at the slightly older age group. The schedule can be found on our term timetable (please see Term Time & Holidays link above) which features information on class duration, times, pricing, as well as the age group each course is suitable for.

Covid Safety

Things are a little different as we negotiate this unusual situation. At Kite Studios we are doing everything we can to keep everyone safe. New measures include: * Hand sanitiser at the door * Young children have the option of washing their hands in hot soapy water upon entering the studio * Please provide your child with their own apron or art shirt and a hand towel to bring to each class * Smaller class sizes to allow for social distancing * Personal tool kits for children to use during each class. * Our studios are disinfected in between each class.

Each child will have full access to their own wheel and work station within this class. This mimics the set-up of our adult Intensive Throwing courses in that each child will have an individual wheel and more intensive personalised tutorage from our teachers. This smaller class size and altered classroom set up will enable us to provide an extremely high level of quality in the classes whilst keeping everyone safe. This also enables us to be as inclusive as possible as we are able to provide more individualised learning and support – something that will make engagement better for everyone.

To aid social distancing, when dropping off your child please use the buzzer (no2 for pottery, no5 for reception) and wait outside the door to the courtyard. A member of staff will come to meet you. Same when it comes time to collect your child please. A member of staff will bring your child to the door. Please wait outside.

We trust that if any learner or member of their household is exhibiting symptoms of covid-19 or has had a positive covid test, that the learner will not be attending. Please get in touch with us on if this is the case. It may be possible to re-arrange an alternative option for any classes missed.

Try it

We offer the opportunity for your child to try one class in any course before deciding if they would like to commit to the rest of the block. A trial class can be seen as an introduction to the activities that will be covered in the course. Trial classes can be booked at any point in the block, except in the final week, when we hold a parent/ guardian and child / children show and share event. To book a trial class please email

Please note that the Create in Clay with the Pottery Wheel courses cannot be attended on a drop in basis. A maximum of one trial class in each course is allocated per child per term.

What We Do

The Create in Clay courses are at the core of the Kite Studios’ ethos and perfectly encapsulate our belief that creativity and confidence are sustained and moulded greatly through the sense of touch. The Create in Clay courses have been designed to teach and explore all things clay. Starting from learning about design, colour and form to the very nature of clay; the way it is sculpted, the different techniques that can be used to do so, forming clay at the potter’s wheel and even giving the students a chance to put their very own work into the kiln to be fired.

While the outcome of finished pieces helps motivate students, our focus is on engaging everyone in the process while having fun in a relaxed, informal and inspirational environment. Students are encouraged to select pieces for further development. This approach removes the pressure to succeed that children and young people may sometimes experience, which can lead to a sense of preciousness or impact their self esteem. We also encourage good studio practice so that students become aware of risk assessing and maintaining best practice, including tidying up and taking responsibility for their work.

This course presents a great opportunity for students to build a sense of character while exploring their creativity and allowing free rein to give physical form to their imaginations. All of this is facilitated through a contemporary thematic curriculum which teaches observational skills and hones young inquisitive minds, while using the fun, hands-on and engaging medium of clay and all of the awesome creative outlets that it inspires.

Pottery for Homeschoolers

Pottery for Homeschoolers is a very inclusive course, led with sensitivity and understanding, specifically designed to meet the needs of home schooled children. The course is centered on task based learning, allowing children the opportunity to develop hand building and throwing projects based around their interests.

The course aims include fostering an understanding of all the skills of working with clay, not only the actual making and glazing processes, but also the importance of good studio practice, learning about risk assessing and maintaining best practice, including tidying up and taking responsibility for their work. Children will learn and help with technical processes such as recycling and wedging clay as well as firing their work to foster an understanding of the entire discipline. Depending on the group and their interests, we can work within the framework of the Trinity College Arts Awards.

Included in the Course price

Course prices are all inclusive. All material and firing costs are included. We have shared drawing materials, clay, slips, glazes and pottery tools, which will now be provided in individualised kits for each child. Due to our covid compliant safety measures we now ask that all children be provided with their own apron or art shirt and a hand towel to bring to each class. We will also be providing each child with their own tool and materials kit for use during each class.

Included in the Trial Class price

The price for one-off trial classes is all inclusive, same as the course price, with the exception of firing fees. The work your child makes during their trial class can be taken away as is at the end of the class. The trial class price does not include firing (please see below).

Not included in the Trial Class price

If your child/ children cannot commit to attending the rest of the course, and would like to have the work they made in the trial class fired, the costs are as follows:

£5 for up to two pots / pieces

Have the bases of thrown pots tidied, and your child’s name inscribed. The work is bisqued (fired once), so that it will become ceramic ie no longer liable to crumbling away or turning back into mushy clay if splashed with water. Bisqued work can be painted at home with acrylic paints.

£10 for up to two pots / pieces

Have the bases of thrown pots tidied, and your child’s name inscribed. The work is bisqued (first firing) and then dipped in transparent glaze and glaze fired. It will be waterproof and shiny, with a glassy coating.

These fees need to be paid at the end of the class, by cash or card, before you and your child/ children leave. We will not store unfinished work if the firing fees are unpaid. Please note that these prices are per two pieces/ pots and it is not £2.50 per pot.

When will work made in my Trial Class be ready?

If you have paid for firing, your child’s work will be ready to collect one month after the trial class, and will be stored in our studio for no longer than three months after the class date.

You will be issued with an ID number. Please be sure to contact us when one month has elapsed and quote your ID number. Our pottery collection times can be found here. Unfortunately due to the administrative load of this task we are unable to contact everyone individually when the work is ready to collect or when the storage period has elapsed.

Sibling Discount

If you would like to purchase 2 places together for your two kids in one of our trial classes or a course, we offer a 10% discount on the cost of the second place (must be in same class/course and purchased at the same time). To apply the discount, simply enter the code “Sibling5” at the checkout.

Block Discount and Multibuy Discount for Blocks 1 and 2.

You will notice that we have built in discounts in our pricing for all the children’s Create in Clay and Pottery for Homeschoolers courses. This means that if you purchase a block of 6 classes you are in effect receiving 1/2 a lesson for free and if you purchase 2 blocks of 6 classes then you will get a full leasson for free. This is reflected in the price you see displayed for each course.

Who Teaches the Courses

The Create in Clay with the Pottery Wheel courses are taught by Davide Genovese and Madeleine Hall.