The Create in Clay with the Pottery Wheel courses are for children aged from 5 to 14 years. There are Create in Clay courses running on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays aimed at specific age groups within that range.

What We Do

The Create in Clay courses are at the core of the Kite Studios’ ethos and perfectly encapsulate our belief that creativity and confidence are sustained and moulded greatly through the sense of touch. The Create in Clay courses have been designed to teach and explore all things clay. Starting from learning about design, colour and form to the very nature of clay; the way it is sculpted, the different techniques that can be used to do so, forming clay at the potter’s wheel and even giving the students a chance to put their very own work into the kiln to be fired.

While the outcome of finished pieces helps motivate students, our focus is on engaging everyone in the process while having fun in a relaxed, informal and inspirational environment. Students are encouraged to select pieces for further development. This approach removes the pressure to succeed that children and young people may sometimes experience, which can lead to a sense of preciousness or impact their self esteem. We also encourage good studio practice so that students become aware of risk assessing and maintaining best practice, including tidying up and taking responsibility for their work.

This course presents a great opportunity for students to build a sense of character while exploring their creativity and allowing free rein to give physical form to their imaginations. All of this is facilitated through a contemporary thematic curriculum which teaches observational skills and hones young inquisitive minds, while using the fun, hands-on and engaging medium of clay and all of the awesome creative outlets that it inspires.

Included in the Course price

All material and firing costs are included. We have shared drawing materials, clay, slips, glazes and pottery tools, which will now be provided in individualised kits for each child. Due to our covid compliant safety measures we now ask that all children be provided with their own apron or art shirt and a hand towel to bring to each class. We will also be providing each child with their own tool and materials kit for use during each class.

Who Teaches the Courses

The Create in Clay with the Pottery Wheel courses are taught by Madeleine Hall.

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