In brief…

The Adult Pottery Studio at Kite Studios offers wide range of pottery courses and classes for adult learners, covering hand building, throwing (working on the potter’s wheel) and glazing.

Suitable for you?

Our pottery courses  and classes are open to anybody who wants to learn either basic skills or build on their previous experience.

We cater to beginners looking for a new relaxing passtime, and to enrich their lives and wellbeing. We also welcome students in the art and design industry who may wish to supplement their studies with an exploration of the possibilities of working with clay as a medium. We welcome anyone looking for professional development, including teachers in art, art theory, art history, set design, prop making, design or architecture. And of course professional artists, designers and makers who are looking for support in working on a particular project, access to ceramics facilities and a supportive creative community.

What we offer

Term-long courses

Adult Pottery Studio (Monday mornings or Monday evenings), Adult Pottery Studio (Thursday mornings), Adult Pottery Studio (Thursday evenings).

These run during term time and offer a structured curriculum. The courses cover hand building techniques, with opportunity to work on the potter’s wheel as well.

Techniques taught include slab building, pinching, coiling, press moulding and throwing. We will also cover a variety of decorating techniques which include working with slips and glazes; including sgraffito, inlay, stamping, mono printing, slip trailing, wax resist and maybe even bubble glazing. The Monday and Thursday evening courses include a technical ceramic theory component.

Intensive Throwing courses

These are short courses which run on Tuesday evenings during term time. They are premium courses, which guarantee you a pottery wheel at every class and have a small class size. Intensive Throwing courses cover throwing and trimming on the potter’s wheel as well as glazing. They are designed to hone your throwing skills at an enhanced pace.

Drop in courses and Open Access classes

Adult Pottery Studio (on Monday and Friday mornings) and Pottery Novice Nights (Friday evenings).

You can attend these pottery courses as suits your schedule. These classes are available for booking during term time.

The Monday and Friday morning Adult Pottery Studios as well as Pottery Novice Nights are designed to provide a relaxed environment in which the teachers respond to the requirements and enthusiasm of the learners. This is a creative space in which you can pursue learning the craft and art of clay at your own pace. You may choose to engage with short projects chosen to teach you a range of basic techniques, or pursue a project of your own with professional support from the teacher.

The Pottery Novice Nights on Friday evenings are also popular with anyone interested in trying their hand at the potter’s wheel, as a fun activity, something new and novel to do on an evening out, to enjoy in the company of friends and family.

Independent Pottery sessions

Are available for booking on a per hour basis throughout the week and weekend during term time and some holiday periods. These are only suitable for anyone with experience in the process of making and glazing pottery from start to finish, as a staff member will be on hand to facilitate, however teaching is not included and you will not be part of a class. You will be working independently. Independent Pottery sessions are also suitable for anyone currently or formerly enrolled in one of our term time pottery courses, ceramic artists, designer makers and potters.

Bespoke classes

Bespoke classes come with many different options in terms of the projects included and offered. They are available throughout the week and weekend, during term time and some holiday periods. For anyone who would like a private pottery teacher and exclusive use of our pottery studio to themselves, them and their partner, group of friends or their family.

Pottery Glaze and Fire Independent sessions

Are available for anyone who has attended one of our courses or one-to-one bespoke classes and would like to glaze their work and have it glaze fired. These include a 10 minute introduction to glazing and use of our glazes, brushes and other pottery decorating tools and facilities. Pottery Glaze and Fire Independent sessions are available for booking throught the week and weekend on a per hour basis, during term time and some holidays. A member of our pottery team will be on hand to facilitate, but there is no formal class.

About Adult Pottery Studio

Please see our term timetable (use the Term Time & Holidays link above) for term and holiday dates plus the full range of courses available, as well as pricing information (or browse the links on the right). Most courses run for a duration of 10 to 13 weeks, depending on the length of the school term. There is a one week break for half term. Some bespoke and independent sessions may be available during half term and school holidays.

You will learn in a friendly and professional environment, in our beautiful, secluded, ground floor courtyard garden pottery and art studio, right in the heart of Shepherd’s Bush in West London. The teachers at Kite Studios are highly experienced and passionate, will guide you through the processes and be on hand to answer questions.

Taking a pottery course is a wonderful way to unwind after a busy day (or week) or have time for yourself while the kids are at school, or a great hobby to take up in your retirement (may even lead to a second career). Pottery making is a mindful way to take care of your wellbeing, reduce stress and anxiety. You will also be learning a new skill, meeting like minded people and giving expression to your creativity.

Try one class in a course

All courses offer a trial class option, so you can attend one class before deciding if you would like to  join us for the rest of the course. There is only one trial class available per customer per term in each course, and these are offered at a discounted rate for the drop in courses. Purchasing a trial class also acts as a deposit for your place on the course, however, you must purchase the course on the day of your trial class, otherwise your place will be released. To book a trial class, email

Join after the term has commenced

You can also join some term-long courses after the term has commenced (subject to availability). If you join after the first class has run, please contact us, as the course price will be reduced to reflect the number of classes remaining in the term. The prices for the courses available on our site are for the entire duration of the term.

Flexible attendance

We have free after hours on street parking, excellent public transport links and offer flexible attendance options for anyone with busy career schedules, shift work or childcare needs. If you miss a class in a course, you are welcome to make it up by attending a class in another course on a different date (subject to availability).

Included in the price

Please see each individual course or class for what is included in the price.

All pottery course prices include your material costs such as clay, slips and glazes. Shared tools, aprons and towels are also provided. You are welcome to bring in specialist clays and glazes provided that they are suitable for the earthenware firings we offer.

If you are attending Independent Pottery Sessions, you will need to purchase your own clay (you can purchase from us at £15 per bag). Use of our slips and glazes is included in the session price.

In some courses and classes there is a charge for firing, which is additional to the course cost. This helps us keep the per-class costs down. It also gives you the freedom to practice and experiment before you decide which pieces you want to keep, whilst also helping us do our bit for the environment! Please check when booking your course if the firing charge applies. In those cases, the charge is £1 per 100g of weight of your finished work. This price includes both the bisque and the glaze firings. Our firing fees are not for profit. The work is weighed before the first firing. Firing fees can be paid at your class by cash or card.


Running our busy pottery studio would not be possible without the support of our team of dedicated volunteers. If you’re happy to get into clay up to your elbows, we welcome new members to our team! Please get in touch.

Who teaches the courses

The Adult Pottery Studio courses are taught by Akiko Matsuda, Davide Genovese and Emilia Radlinska.

Drop in Sessions